The Plucky Companies

The Story of Plucky

Two longtime friends founded Plucky on February 11, 2014. One preferred football and the other soccer, or handball and football depending on who you asked.
Like many businesses born every year, they started in a garage. In David Clayton’s garage to be precise. Among a myriad of boxes and makeshift desks they embarked on a wonderful journey.
Jeff Marks had a laptop. David was armed with an iMac borrowed from his wife. They were prepared to tackle the basic issues that face all startups: capital, office space, assets and clients. The last took care of itself immediately.
Two phone calls from Will Gluck and Tim Story, and two jobs landed in the first two hours of that first day. The guys, still huddled in a garage, still hunched over a old Macbook and pilfered iMac, faced a more pressing issue. Certainly, the studio wouldn’t send footage from Annie and Think Like a Man Too to a garage. That was somewhat less than secure.
It was then that their friends at Workshop Creative stepped in. They loaned the pair an office inside the very secure and vetted trailer company. And literally overnight, Plucky was born. The rest took care of itself.
Three offices and 10 years later, Plucky is a multi-national entity. Working in three film tax incentive jurisdictions: Los Angeles, New York and London, they create main titles, advertising, motion graphics, digital content and trailers.
And in this tenth year, they are now embarking on a new adventure, having just launched the newest division: Plucky Pictures. In addition to creating award winning content for so many wonderful clients, many of whom have become friends, they are now creating their own content with a slate of features, television series and unscripted content.
Loving the work helps. Loving movies and TV shows is in their blood. And a willingness to take on any challenge is in their DNA. Who knows, maybe with Tom Cruise filming in outer space, perhaps in the next ten years, Plucky will find itself on the moon.

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333 N. Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 310
Burbank, CA 91502
o. 323 487 1601
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New York

228 Park Ave S. Suite 78489
New York, NY 10003‑1502
o. 917 745 3316
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27 Old Gloucester St.
London, WC1N 3AX, England
o. 07562 900490